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About After Cataracts
Beaumont, Tx

An after cataract, also called a posterior capsular opacification, is a cloudy membrane that sometimes forms behind the intraocular lens after a patient has had cataract surgery.

How After Cataracts Form
After cataracts form on the membrane behind the eye`s lens. This membrane is left untouched during cataract surgery, but sometimes after the surgery the membrane`s cells will attempt to grow a new lens. This causes scar tissue that leads to cloudy vision.

Symptoms of an after cataract are blurred vision – the same as the symptoms for a developing cataract. Patients may also see streaks of light, halos, or excessive glare.

After cataracts can be quickly and painlessly treated with the YAG laser. The laser restores vision by creating a hole in the clouded membrane.

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