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Refractive Lens Exchange
Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange

This procedure combines the technique of cataract surgery with the advanced artificial lens technology to reduce a patient`s dependence on eyeglasses or contacts. The surgery, also called REFLEX, PRELEX, or clear lensectomy, is done on an outpatient basis.

During the procedure, the lens inside the eye is replaced with an artificial refractive lens. A monofocal lens provides clarity of vision at a single focal distance. For patients who desire greater freedom from reading glasses, a multifocal lens can be used to provide simultaneous far and near vision.

 The Procedure

After Care:

Eyedrops are used for several weeks to reduce inflammation and to reduce the possibility of infection. Follow-up visits are necessary to ensure proper healing. Rarely, patients may require secondary procedures to fine tune their vision after surgery.


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