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Contact Lens Options
Beaumont, Tx

Contact lens technology has made many advancements in the past decade. Patients have the advantage of being fit with lenses that are healthy for them, and at the same time choose wearing schedules that fit their lifestyle.

Types of Contacts

  • Soft contacts are made from a water absorbent, flexible plastic called silicone hydrogel. They are available in disposable replacement for a day up to a year, or conventional annual replacement. Lenses that are worn continuously are designed with more oxygen transmission. Soft lenses are considered easy to insert and fit comfortably.

  • Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Lenses are made of a firm plastic that allows oxygen to pass. This material is very durable, and will last longer than soft lenses. RGP lenses provide a crisp vision for people with high amounts of astigmatism. RGP lenses take longer to get used to than soft lenses, but are not bothersome once the wearer becomes accustomed to them.

Our office carries all the newest technology contacts from: Bausch & Lomb, Ciba vision, Vistakon, and Coopervision. We use proven, quality labs, that set the standards in quality, for design of rigid gas perms.

Our contact lens technicians are well versed in their craft. They are readily available to assist you in your contact lens selection, as well as the cleaning regimen, that is best for you.


Soft and RGP lenses are available in a multitude of designs to fit a patients lifestyle. Astigmatism Correction (toric) Multifocal (presbyopic patients needing help to see near and far) Colors: Opaques to completely change color, and color enhancing options Specialty Designs (Fun prints for Halloween, or personal expression) Cosmetic (coverage for appearance irregularities) Kerataconus (Significant Corneal Irregularities)