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Intraocular Lens Implants
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ReZOOMTM MultiFocal Lens

Unlike conventional single-vision (monofocal) lens implants, state-of-the-art  ReZoomTM lenses have been specially designed with multifocal zones that provide good vision across the spectrum of varying distances and light conditions. So you can see well anywhere and anytime, be it near, far or in between. Patients no longer have to settle for monofocal lenses that only provide good distance vision with limited ability to see objects that are near without glasses.

The ReZoomTM Multifocal Lens is a clear, foldable implant made of a high-refractive-index acrylic material. This new technology multifocal lens is designed to provide a full range of vision - near, distance and intermediate - after cataract treatment.


The ReZoomTM Multifocal Lens  not only treats cataracts, but it may also turn back the clock to bring back much of your ability to see up close and at a distance.

The lens has multiple focal points so you can see well at a variety of distances in varying light conditions. If you have been diagnosed with cataracts with or without presbyopia and desire a full range of vision with increased independence from glasses or bifocals, the ReZoomTM Multifocal Lens may be the right solution for you.


Balanced View OpticsTM Technology provides full-range vision

The ReZoomTM Multifocal Lens features Balanced View OpticsTM Technology - uniquely proportioned visual zones that provide it with a major advantage. Each ReZoomTM Multifocal Lens is divided into 5 different zones with each zone designed for different light and focal distances


Unlike other earlier multifocal lens designs, the ReZoomTM Multifocal Lens has proportioned the size of its zones to provide for good vision in a range of light conditions. For instance, some zones have been designed to offer greater low light/distance vision support during night driving.

Greater Freedom From Glasses


The ReZoomTM Multifocal Lens procedure is an advanced treatment for cataracts that helps most people see near, far and everything in between without depending on glasses all the time.

Today, cataract removal is generally performed as an outpatient procedure under local or topical anesthesia. You will be fully awake, but you will be comfortable and feel no pain. Typically, you will be asked to arrive an hour or so prior to your procedure, and you will be allowed to leave after a period of observation following your procedure. The procedure usually takes 15 to 45 minutes.

To remove your cataract (clouded lens), your doctor will use a technique called phacoemulsification (phaco). Your doctor will make a tiny, 1/8-inch incision and insert a small phaco probe. The probe will break apart the clouded lens and remove it. Next, an IOL will be inserted through the same tiny incision, into the lens capsule of your eye. Because this procedure is performed through an incision that is very small, your eye will be able to heal rapidly with little or no discomfort.

Following the procedure, you will be allowed to return home within an hour or so. Vision is restored immediately in most cases; however, vision usually continues to improve in the weeks following the procedure. Keep in mind that lens implants have been in use for about 50 years to treat cataracts. Over 14.2 million cataract and lens implant procedures are now performed each year worldwide.