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Eye Laser Center of Beaumont, TX
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Our Physicians
Beaumont, Tx

Richard Levacy

Richard Levacy

Richard A. Levacy, M.D. is the founding member for our Plaza 10 location, and has
been practicing in Beaumont for over 30 years.  He works daily serving his
community in general ophthalmology which includes premium cataract surgery and
vision correction surgery.  Along with his many credentials he holds a Fellowship in
External Eye Disease and Corneal Surgery from Baylor College of Medicine making
him the most experienced corneal surgeon in our area.  An attribute well suited for
LASIK, and PRK vision correction surgery, as well as corneal transplantation.  Dr.
Levacy keeps abreast of the newest technology in patient care. He has a very no-
nonsense, hands-on approach when caring for his neighbors of Southeast Texas.
He is married with five children, and has eight granddaughters that he dotes on to
their hearts content.  Dr. Levacy served in the United States Army Medical Corps,
and is an Honorary Member of the 101st Airborne Division.  Dr. Levacy is an avid
sportsman who enjoys game hunting with long time friends, in and out of the United

Vision Correction Surgery Background

Dr. Levacy has been involved with treating the cornea since the 1970`s and is well
versed in its technological advancements.  He began performing precursor
procedures to today`s LASIK procedure in 1982.  Early procedures include: radial
keratotomy, lamellar keratoplasty, epikeratophakia and photorefractive keratectomy
(PRK).  He is certified on the Summit Excimer Laser as well as the newer VISX
STAR 4 Excimer Laser System.  He is one of the founding partners of the first laser
center in Houston, The Eye Laser Center of Houston.

Today, in our onsite facility, the highly acclaimed Custom LASIK, with blade free
Ziemer technique, is combined with a consummate corneal surgeon, and a staff
dedicated to the best surgical outcome possible.

New in the media is the Lifestyle Multifocal cataract surgery implants.  Dr. Levacy
has performed cataract surgeries for over 30 years, which includes a no stitch
approach, and has been involved in the  new Lifestyle Multifocal cataract implants
since its inception.  It is a very exciting technological advancement allowing patients
to see near and far with reduced dependency on glasses.

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M. Kevin Harmon

M. Kevin Harmon

M. Kevin Harmon, M.D., joined our practice in 1992 with a commitment to serve his
community in general Ophthalmology, and his area of passion, cataract and
refractive eye care.  Dr. Harmon is known for providing a premium surgical
experience.   He customizes a personal surgical plan for each patient in order to
arrive at the best outcome possible. His practice has been dedicated to reducing or
eliminating the need for glasses or contact lenses through the latest technological

Dr. Harmon`s cataract surgery has become quite the topic of conversation in the
community. He was voted "The Best Cataract Surgeon 2008" by community votes, in
the Beaumont Enterprise`s Readers Choice Survey. "Friends are referring  friends"
so that they, too, may experience an enhanced lifestyle of clearer vision. The new
Lifestyle multifocal implants are a premium implant allowing patients to see near and
far, with little dependence on glasses. Patients who need cataract surgery, but have
astigmatism, may benefit from a Toric implant, or limbal relaxing incisions, in lieu of
traditional implants.  Dr. Harmon sets high expectations for himself in his patient care
and  has a friendly, light touch approach.  He is married with a teenage son, and is a
fishing enthusiast, taking his family and friends along during the peak seasons.

Vision Correction Surgery Background

In the absence of cataracts, patients may choose to utilize Dr. Harmon`s expertise in
vision correction through a Custom LASIK, Blade Free, Ziemer technique or PRK.
Dr. Harmon first became interested in Laser Vision Correction during his residency
training.  He became certified using the Summit Excimer Laser in 1996 and began
performing  the PRK procedure. He was one of the founding members of the first
laser center in Houston, The Eye Laser Center of Houston in 1998, and helped found
our center The Eye Laser Center of Beaumont in 1999 with our founding physician
Dr. Richard A. Levacy.  The treatment procedure Dr. Harmon used initially was the
Summit Excimer Laser, followed by the VISX Star2 and then VISX Star4.

Today , in our onsite facility, the highly acclaimed Custom LASIK, with blade free
Ziemer technique is his procedure of choice.  This technology combined with
Dr. Harmon`s skill and dedication, enhance our facilities reputation for excellence.

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Vivek Raizada

Vivek Raizada

Vivek Raizada, M.D. joined our practice in 2005. He serves our Southeast Texas community in general ophthalmology practice which includes no stitch cataract surgery with premium multifocal and toric lens implants, vision correction surgery, diabetic exams, and cosmetic eyelid surgeries. Dr. Raizada lives in Beaumont with his wife and enjoys spending time with family that lives nearby.

Vision Correction Surgery Background

Dr. Raizada  first became interested in Laser Vision Correction during his residency
training.  In 2004  his research in wavefront technology was recognized when he
was asked to present it at the American Society of Cataract and Refractive
Surgeons national meeting.  Today, in our onsite facility, the highly acclaimed
Custom LASIK, with a blade free Ziemer technique is his procedure of choice.  This
state-of-the-art technology combined with Dr. Raizada`s expertise and dedicated
staff, offer Southeast Texas residents an uncompromised surgical outcome.

New in the media is the Lifestyle Multifocal cataract surgery implants. Dr. Raizada
performs a no stitch cataract procedure and has been involved with the new
premium implants since their inception.  It is an exciting technology that allows
cataract patients to see near and far with reduced dependency on glasses.
Additionally, patients who have experienced astigmatism problems can have
cataract surgery to reduce distortion.

Another rewarding portion of Dr. Raizada`s practice is cosmetics.  Through
cosmetic procedures he helps individuals enhance their appearance and provide
better function.  An example of this is called ptosis.  Ptosis is a functional defect
characterized by drooping of the upper eyelid.  This drooping can block a patients
field of view, and must be removed to have an uninterrupted field of vision.  The
procedure can be performed in the office and has few restrictions for recovery.
Some lid procedures may be covered by insurance. Visual field testing will indicate
the level of severity.  Our insurance department will submit the results to the
patients medical insurance for determination of coverage.

Elective cosmetic procedures that Dr. Raizada performs are; correction of
unwanted age related changes, removal of unsightly blemishes or lesions of the
eyelids, and Botox.

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JoAnn Hensel

JoAnn Hensel

Jo Ann Hensel, M.D. is a native of Beaumont having graduated from Forrest Park High School in the 1970`s. She had a strong motivation to enter the field of ophthalmology as both her grandmother and later her mother lost their eyesight to age related macular degeneration.   Dr.  Hensel enjoys visiting with her patients and helping them to understand their eye problems.  The more information that a patient has, the better able they are to provide feedback and to participate in their own care. Dr Hensel is a general ophthalmologist whose main surgical work involves cataract and lens implant surgeries as well as refractive procedures such as LASIK and PRK. With the new accommodating I0Ls, multifocal implants, as well as Torics, many people are able to decrease their dependency on glasses to a large extent.

Dr. Hensel graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Texas in Austin. She attended Texas Tech University of Medicine in Lubbock. She did her internship and residency in ophthalmology at Scott & White Hospital in Temple, Texas, serving as chief resident her senior year. She is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and has been a diplomat of the Board since 1984. After completing her residency and after being in private practice for two years, she had the opportunity to volunteer her services to helping the poor at Kasturba Medical School in Manipal, India. She participated in several peripheral eye camps. Their team would travel for several hours away from Manipal to remote locales In Southwestern India. Literally hundreds of local people would have pre operative testing and surgery within a three day period. "The surgical techniques were crude compared to the state-of-the-art technologies we have available to us in the United States "she said, "but the results were quite good and the rate of infections surprisingly low."  Ten weeks afterwards the team would return, examine the patients, and give them each a pair of glasses. She said, "it was exciting to see the joy of these people having had their eyesight restored to them. Some of them had not been able to see for years and they were thrilled."

Dr. Hensel returned to Southeast Texas in 1986 and joined the College street location of our practice. She along with Jerry S. Lehmann, M.D., Albert Diaz, M.D., Mitch Ren, M.D., and John Miller, M.D., offer the highest quality medical and surgical care for their patients. Dr. Hensel is on the staff of both Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital and Memorial Hermann Baptist Hospital in Beaumont.  She is a member of the Jefferson County Medical Society, the Texas Medical Association, the American Medical Association, and the Texas Ophthalmological Association. She is also an active member of Trinity United Methodist Church and has served on committees there. Her main interests outside of ophthalmology are traveling and watching the University of Texas Longhorns play football.

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