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Eye Laser Center of Beaumont, TX
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Blade-Free Custom LASIK
Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange

LASIK involves making a flap in the cornea and reshaping the inner tissue.  Traditionally this was done using a hand held mechanical instrument called a microkeratome which contains a metal blade.  Blade-Free laser  together with CustomVue wavescan, combines two technologies creating an all-laser procedure that provides an unprecedented level of safety, precision, and comfort in vision correction.

The Procedure:





After Care

After the surgery, we recommend you go home and rest 3-4 hours.  Some patients do experience some discomfort during the first 48 hours.  The decision to have LASIK is an important one that only you can make.  It is important that you have realistic expectations and that your decision is based on facts, not hopes or misconceptions.  The goal of any refractive procedure is to reduce your dependence on corrective lenses.  The doctors at the Eye Laser Center of Beaumont are happy to educate you on your corrective vision options. 


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