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Laser Vision Correction
Beaumont, Tx

We offer Laser Vision Correction using Wavefront Technology with the VISX CustomoVue Wavescan that captures unique imperfections in each individual`s vision that could not have been measured before using standard methods for glasses and contact lenses. Your eye is as individual as your fingerprint, with its own special shape and complex characteristics. Wavefront technology provides a custom tailored laser eye surgery for the unique characteristics of each individual`s vision. The wavefront digital information is transferred to the laser, providing high level of precision and accuracy for Personlized Laser Vision Correction. VISX CustomVue LASIK Laser Eye Surgery involves tailoring the excimer laser treatment to very small visual irregularities. These are called higher order aberrations that are specific to each person. Custom Wavefront LASIK technology utilizes information from corneal topography maps, and from an instrument called an aberometer (also called a wavefront analyzer) to provide a personalized treatment for your eyes.

CustomVue Wavefront LASIK Laser Eye Surgery will correct your prescription and will also correct the very small optical irregularities that are found not only on the cornea, but also throughout the entire eye. These advances in technology mean that every patient can be treated as a special case. The new VISX CustomVue Wavefront LASIK Laser eye surgery technology will generate a new algorithm and Wavefront pattern for every person. Although the resolution limits of the human retina allow for vision of approximately 20/8, very few, if any individuals approach this limit. A person with 20/25 vision, has good vision by today`s standards. One of several factors that keep us from obtaining vision closer to this retinal limit is the eye`s higher-order aberrations. The theory holds that if these irregularities could also be corrected, then possibly we can attain a better visual result through LASIK laser eye surgery.The VISX CustomVue System allows your LASIK surgeon to personalize your laser eye surgery. The WavePrint System gives the LASIK surgeon treatment options that are truly personalized to your visual needs.

There are two parts to the VISX CustomVue System.

 First, it includes a wavefront analyzer that maps the entire optical path of your eye. This waveprint map, as unique as your fingerprint, provides the LASIK surgeon with precise and detailed information about your vision.

Secondly, the LASIK treatment is enhanced by the VISX Star S4 excimer laser with 3D Active Trak, which automatically and instantaneously tracks the minute movements of your eye in all three dimensions during the laser eye surgery. Eyetrackers allow you to feel confident that even if your eye moves during the treatment, your treatment remains precisely centered on your eye. The VISX Star S4 also includes Variable Spot Scanning delivery of the laser pulses, this adjusts the laser beam size according to the treatment, minimizing corneal tissue removal. This also allows for quicker treatment times that are typically between 10 to 40 seconds. The LASIK surgeon uses these exclusive technologies along with the WavePrint Map to provide laser vision correction care based on your personal vision needs.