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Eye Centers of Southeast Texas
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TECNIS ® Multifocal Lens
Beaumont, Tx

See near, far, and everything in between - day and night

The advanced TECNIS Multifocal Lens is an implantable lens that significantly improves vision after cataract surgery and corrects presbyopia.   The TECNIS Multifocal Lens is designed to enable you to see clearly at near, intermediate, and far distances without glasses in all light.

The procedure to remove cataracts and replace the natural lens of the eye is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures.  Each year millions of cataract and lens implant procedures are performed worldwide.  This proven procedure allows TECNIS Multifocal Lens to be implanted in a brief outpatient procedure.

If you enjoy activities such as reading, boating, quilting, playing golf, sightseeing, or surfing the Internet, the TECNIS Multifocal Lens could be the lens for your active lifestyle.  Different types of implantable lenses are designed to meet individual eye health and lifestyle needs.  Let the doctors at the EYE CENTERS OF SOUTHEAST TEXAS help you to find the lens right for you!

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