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Eye Centers of Southeast Texas
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AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL
Beaumont, Tx

See near, See Intermediate, See it all TM

Good news comes with the innovative AcrySof® ReSTOR® cataract replacement lens.  The AcrySof® ReSTOR® lens is a revolutionary multifocal lens that improves vision in a range of distances - from near to far.  It lets cataract patients see the whole picture clearly, usually without glasses.  The results can be life changing.

An Innovative optical technology called "apodization" makes the AcrySof® ReSTOR® lens uniquely effective, especially when placed in both eyes.  A similar technology has been used for years in microscopes and telescopes to improve image quality and has now been patented for use in intraocular lenses by Alcon.  Most AcrySof® ReSTOR® lens patients find that they can read a book, work on the computer, drive a car-day or night-and play golf or tennis with an increased freedom from glasses. 

They`re your eyes and you have options.  The doctors of Eye Centers of Southeast Texas take into account many aspects of your eye health when choosing the right cataract replacement lens for you.  If you`re considering cataract surgery, you`ll be happy to know that Medicare may cover the cost of surgery for qualifying patients.  Different types of implantable lenses are designed to meet individual eye health and lifestyle needs.  Let the doctors at the EYE CENTERS OF SOUTHEAST TEXAS help you to find the lens right for you!

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