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YOU MAY HAVE DRY EYE.  The human eye is lubricated by two kinds of tears produced by glands in the upper and lower eyelid.

Constant Tears are continuously formed to lubricate the eye and contain natural antibiotics to help fight infections.  When constant tear flow is reduced, there is irritation that can cause excessive reflex tearing (“watery eyes”).

Reflex Tears are produced only in response to irritation, injury, or emotion.  They help rinse the surface of the eye.

A balance is necessary between the two types of tears to ensure that your eyes are comfortable and protected.  A lack of tear, improper lubrication, or tears draining too quickly from the eye result in a condition known as Dry Eye.  Dry Eye is a common problem in Southeast Texas.

Tears can be replaced by using eye drops called ARTIFICIAL TEARS.  Eye Center’s Optical is proud to offer Oasis Tears™.  They are a preservative free artificial lubricant that replaces the moisture that is missing and lubricate the eyes.  They temporarily soothe Dry Eye.  It is important to use a preservative-free drop such as OASIS TEARS™.  Studies have shown preservative-free preparations are safe to use in patients, especially those who require frequent dosing, or use contact lens solutions or ocular medication. Artificial tears and medications have a quick, short-term solution to Dry Eye. The doctor’s of Eye Centers of Southeast Texas are happy to educate you on your options for Dry Eyes.



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